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We exchange heat since 1983

Techno System produces certified and high quality plate heat exchangers, able to meet even the most complex plant and process requirements.
We create innovative and competitive solutions to optimise and improve your energy efficiency, increase performance and reduce consumption.

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We find solutions to your needs

Techno System can offer assistance and planning to meet any kind of need.
Thanks to our team of experts with extensive experience in the sector we can provide the necessary advice to find the most effective solution along with our customers.


In addition to standard products we have the possibility to build equipment for your specific needs

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Sectors of application

The right product for every sector

We know the different needs that distinguish your business. We provide custom solutions for applications that range from civil to industrial sectors in the presence of the most disparate fluids.
Heat exchangers and our other products require different solutions for you who work in very different sectors.
We have experience and application expertise ranging from swimming pool heating, pasteurisation of food fluids, domestic hot water production while contrasting the Legionella bacteria and cooling hydraulic oil for turbines. The extensive experience and flexibility of Techno System is able to provide custom solutions for each of you


We are suppliers of leading manufacturers of cogeneration plant builders as well as ESCO and multi-utilities. Our products are particularly reliable a ...


District heating

We are suppliers of leading district heating managers and multi-utility networks. We provide a fast and professional service with the possibility to c ...


Food industry

We are suppliers of leading manufacturers of food plants as well as end users. Our products are particularly reliable and we provide a fast and profes ...



We design and produce in their entirety: heat exchangers for the separation of heating and cooling circuits with both boilers and heat pumps. Interfac ...



We design and produce in their entirety plate heat exchangers for industrial uses where specific procedures and materials are used for fluids and user ...


Swimming pools

We design and produce in their entirety plate heat exchangers for fast and reliable heating of swimming pools and SPAs as well as plug & play modu ...


What makes us stand out is our ability to anticipate your needs and provide you with superlative service


Find spare parts for your product now

At Techno System we also value service. You can search for spare parts for your exchanger by simply inserting the product code.
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We make your work easier by providing you with free calculation tools

To size exchangers independently we provide two tools with different technical levels:

the APP and the on-line calculation programme.

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Our services are our strength.

Our main added value are our sales ancillary services. Customers are assisted by our consultants with the design and necessary calculations to be able to choose the best product for their needs. Furthermore, we are able to deal with emergencies and we have an excellent after sales service.


Sharing technical knowledge and the experience we have gained with our partner customers is part of our added value.
It is customary to offer ...



Being a manufacturer we always have components and spare parts for our products available.

We are able to supply new exchangers and spare pa ...



We know what it means to operate on plants. For your needs you can confidently contact our engineers, they will constantly support you by providing ...



As a customer you will know how important it is to receive clear quotes in an acceptable time frame. Our sales department will assist you for a qui ...



Thanks to our engineers we can provide you with fast and extremely professional support.
Contact our engineers confidently; they will constan ...



Heat exchangers and our other products are items that are better to size from time to time.
To size exchangers independently we have with two ...

New Test Room

Where the performance of our products is tested and improved

A dedicated area within our factory where, thanks to the latest generation equipment and measuring instruments certified by external bodies, all the thermodynamic and fluid dynamic measurements on our products are carried out.
In this way, full compliance with the specifications on the declared values ​​of exchanged heat, total head losses and all other measurable parameters is certified.
A further added value for Techno System to guarantee its customers and designers absolute precision on the values ​​of energy recovery, industrial cooling, system sizing.


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Case History

A collection of the most challenging projects. An important archive demonstrating the most complex applications we have created.

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