Techno System will take part, as a Partner, to the ECOFUTURO festival, which will take place in Rimini, from the 26th to the 31st of July. ECOFUTURO, now at its third edition, is the italian festival of ecologic technologies and self building projects.

ECOFUTURO is not only a fair of ecotechnology, but comes from the meeting of persons and realities which developed, together, the precise awareness that Italy has an extraordinary heritage of ideas, experiences and planning skills, which can be defined with multiple and different expressions.

Especially during the Opening Day, on Tuesday (26th of July) we will lead the thematic focus on heat exchangers and will take part to the discussion about geothermal science.

In our quality of producers of high efficiency Plate Heat Exchangers and district heating substations, we consider our presence at this event very important. District heating is a solution which is increasingly recognized and accepted as the best domestic and industrial heating system, thanks to the consumption optimization and to the drastic reduction of polluting components it guarantees.

In particular, geothermal district heating is no doubt and absolutely the most virtous energetic cycle, because it limits itself to transfer heat from a resource which already exists under our feet and which is freely available in enormous quantities.

Here is the interview made during event to our sales manager Guido Andreoni
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