TECHNO SYSTEM sarà presente come SILVER SPONSOR al FORUM SISTEMA SALUTE che si terrà a Firenze il 10 e 11 Ottobre.

Particolare attenzione sarà data all’evento SPECIALE ENERGIA, dove verranno illustrate le nuove frontiere dell’efficienza energetica che rappresenta la capacità di poter raggiungere livelli di comfort negli edifici pubblici e privati, utilizzando meno energia possibile, con l’uso delle migliori tecnologie disponibili sul mercato, sviluppando la regolazione e adottando comportamenti più consapevoli e responsabili verso gli usi energetici.

Una maggiore efficienza energetica riduce l’utilizzo dei combustibili fossili e quindi abbatte il livello delle emissioni di gas ad effetto serra, che contribuiscono al surriscaldamento globale del pianeta.
Nella Sanità Toscana si sono maturate esperienze di grande significato da cui si può partire per condividere iniziative di promozione e diffusione nazionale. L’evento ha l’obiettivo di approfondire e valutare l’importanza ambientale, economica e di comunicazione dell’estensione di queste esperienze virtuose nelle strutture sanitarie italiane.

TECHNO SYSTEM sarà presente quale costruttore di SCAMBIATORI DI CALORE A PIASTRE e di moduli per produzione acqua calda sanitaria CON CICLI TERMICI ANTI-LEGIONELLA.


Many "experts" are against to utilize heat treatment to eradicate legionella in the plants, because they refer to other experts and various guidelines that says the treatment is valid only as an emergency intervention in the event of full-blown danger.

So this means incontrovertibly that at a temperature of 70 °C the bacterium instantly dies. However, after few weeks or months, it could again occur in sanitized systems. Consequently, these "experts" says that it’s better to use chemistry, which must always be introduced into the plants with effective counter-attacks but also with possibilities (and / or probable?) negative impacts on pipes and/or, worse still, the people. The other objection is that there is a high consumption of energy forgetting that also for producing chemicals it’s necessary a high quantity of energy and commercial costs. All this expenses are paid by the users: private or worse still, public. The only risk that can be mentioned for heat treatment is the possibility of burns if someone takes water from the taps during treatment. However, this risk can be reduced to zero since the high temperature cycle (65/70 °C) is normally programmed during the night as the use of hot water is practically absent. In addition, in any case, taps and showers are equipped to mixers.

TECHNO SYSTEM has long been producing an instantaneous DHW generator module which, in combination with a heating boiler and/or a district heating exchanger, produces sanitary water at the desired temperature and is able to manage, in a scheduled timing, thermal shock cycles anti-legionella with the required frequency in temperature and time. The electrical control panel record each thermal cycle and report if the set temperature has been reached in the recirculation. Also the risk of possible burns (very improbable thanks to the presence of mixer) is prevented by a valve that closes the cold water inlet when the anti-legionella cycles are performed.

Concluding the first choice to sanitize the installations and prevent the risk of legionellosis, in the interest of the private user (hotels, sports facilities, fitness, etc.) and the public (hospitals, clinics, communities, senior centers, etc.) it’s definitely the heat treatment and the TECHNO SYSTEM solution has all the requirements to be the preferred one.


Techno System participated as Silver Sponsor at the conference held last March 21st in Milan by:

ATI - Italian Thermotechnical Association

AIRU - Italian Urban Heating Association

UGI - Italian Geothermal Union

The conference touched on interesting themes having as a common thread the thermal uses of the geothermal resources of which our national territory is particularly rich.

The partecipants analyzed the potential, still largely unexpressed, of using these resources and how they are a concrete response to the reduction of pollutants in the atmosphere, a problem that is extremely present in our urban areas.

Thanks to the experiences and technologies currently available, the use of geothermal energy for thermal uses, turns out to be a sensibly advantageous solution also in economic terms.

Techno System presented in the afternoon session, their solutions related to the need to make heat exchangers more and more efficiently and their flexibility in the realization of substations for district heating. All products fully designed and manufactured in Italy in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU standards.

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To meet the market needs, where heat exchangers must have increased efficiency and potential, Techno System launches the new series with DN-250 connections.

The TSC9950-TSC7150-TSC4450 heat exchangers, like all the other models, are fully designed, built, assembled and tested in Certaldo (FI) and are available with plates in AISI304-AISI316L-Titanium and gaskets in NBR-EPDM-FKM.

24 months warranty and implemented in full accordance with PED 2014-68-UE, they have complete traceability of each individual component, as the ISO9001 standards require.

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