TS Module

MDA - For use with accumulation tank for production of domestic hot water

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The standard-version TS modules are modern hot water production systems. The module is available in two versions, one for instantaneous hot water production and one for use with an accumulation tank. These modules can resolve almost any problem, above all where high volume is a must (hotels, sports centers, communities, apartment buildings, etc.) – and guarantee energy-saving (on Diesel fuel, gas, etc.) and space-saving. The TS modules are therefore advantageous alternatives to traditional boilers, since they can supply greater quantities of hot water with up to 40% lower energy consumption. What is more, the TS modules are extremely easy to install since it is pre-assembled with all the needed auxiliary devices. All the installer need do is making the plumbing and electrical connections. The TS MODULE for instantaneous hot water production is prepared for managing the ANTI-LEGIONELLA disinfection cycle on a the basis of an onboard weekly calendar (with the option of presetting daily switch-on and switch-off at predetermined times), memorizing the outcome of the single cycles (historic archive of up to 50 cycles), and signaling
sensor malfunction and/or failure to complete a cycle (via acoustic alarm and display message).