Many "experts" are against to utilize heat treatment to eradicate legionella in the plants, because they refer to other experts and various guidelines that says the treatment is valid only as an emergency intervention in the event of full-blown danger.

So this means incontrovertibly that at a temperature of 70 °C the bacterium instantly dies. However, after few weeks or months, it could again occur in sanitized systems. Consequently, these "experts" says that it’s better to use chemistry, which must always be introduced into the plants with effective counter-attacks but also with possibilities (and / or probable?) negative impacts on pipes and/or, worse still, the people. The other objection is that there is a high consumption of energy forgetting that also for producing chemicals it’s necessary a high quantity of energy and commercial costs. All this expenses are paid by the users: private or worse still, public. The only risk that can be mentioned for heat treatment is the possibility of burns if someone takes water from the taps during treatment. However, this risk can be reduced to zero since the high temperature cycle (65/70 °C) is normally programmed during the night as the use of hot water is practically absent. In addition, in any case, taps and showers are equipped to mixers.

TECHNO SYSTEM has long been producing an instantaneous DHW generator module which, in combination with a heating boiler and/or a district heating exchanger, produces sanitary water at the desired temperature and is able to manage, in a scheduled timing, thermal shock cycles anti-legionella with the required frequency in temperature and time. The electrical control panel record each thermal cycle and report if the set temperature has been reached in the recirculation. Also the risk of possible burns (very improbable thanks to the presence of mixer) is prevented by a valve that closes the cold water inlet when the anti-legionella cycles are performed.

Concluding the first choice to sanitize the installations and prevent the risk of legionellosis, in the interest of the private user (hotels, sports facilities, fitness, etc.) and the public (hospitals, clinics, communities, senior centers, etc.) it’s definitely the heat treatment and the TECHNO SYSTEM solution has all the requirements to be the preferred one.